− 完全コンピュータ化された英語コミュニケーション力測定試験 −


Versant for English with Open Questionは、以下の5つのパート61問から構成されています。


PartA: Reading. Please read the sentences as you are instructed.
1. Traffic is a huge problem in Southern California.
2. The endless city has no coherent mass transit system.
3. Sharing rides was going to be the solution to rush-hour traffic.
4. Most people still want to drive own cars, though.
5. Larry's next door neighbors are awful.
6. They play loud music all night when he's trying to sleep.
7. If he tells them to stop, they just turn it up louder.
8. He wants to move out of that neighborhood.
9. My aunt recently rescued a dog that was sick.
10. She brought her home and named her Margaret.
11. They weren't sure she was going to live, but now she's healthy.
12. I just wish she could get along better with their cat.
パートB:Repaet 復唱
Repeat. Please repeat each sentence that you hear.
Example a voice says, "Leave town on the next train".
and you say, " Leave town on the next train
パートC:質 問

PartC: Question. Now, please just give a simple answer to the questions.
Example a voice says, "Would you get water from a bottle or a newspaper?"
and you say,"a bottle" or "from a bottle".

PartD: Sentence Builds. Now, please rearrange the word groups into a sentence.
Example: a voice says,"was reading"..... "my mother"....."her favorite magagine".
and you say "My mother was reading her favorite magagine."

PartE: Open Questions. you will have 20 seconds to answer each of these questions. The questions will be about family life or personal choices. Each question will be spoken twice, followed by a beep. When you hear the beep, you will have 20 seconds to answer the question. At the end of the 20 seconds, another beep will signal the end of the time you have to answer.
Example a vocie says,"If your family received a large amount of money, how should this money be used. please explain."
and you say " My family gathered in a family room soon and then my father says, "・・・ " などと自分の意見を20秒間自由に述べます。

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