航空英語試験 AETAviation English Test



Ordinate社とFAA(Federal Aviation Administration 米国航空連邦局と共同研究開発中のICAO基準に準拠した航空英語試験です。 全世界で航空運航関連業務に従事している現役のパイロット及び航空管制官の方及び将来同職種を目指す方を対象とします。 
 Level4は、航空無線にて業務遂行可能(Operational)レベルが要求さているため、スピーキング力とリスリング力を測定することが、ICAO標準航空英語力を判定するのに最も有効であると考えられています。 AETは、一般英語と航空英語に関してのスピーキング力とリスニング力を測定する試験であり、主な特長は次の通りです。

No 特 徴
1 ICAO基準が求めるスピーキング力とリスニング力を測定
2 試験時間約20分程度
3 採点結果は受験後数分後
4 試験問題はランダム出題により、セキュリティを確保
5 方言、生活習慣、道徳などの文化的な差異等を排除した測定が可能
 AETは、以下AからHまでの8つのパートで構成されます。 試験はそれぞれのパートでランダム出題することで、セキュリティの確保がきます。


Thank you for calling the Ordinate testing system. Please enter your Test Identification Number on the telephone keypad. Please say your name. Now, please follow the instructions for Parts A through H.

Part A: Aviation Reading

Please read the following radiotelephony messages as you are instructed.
1.Global Air 385, report when ready for departure.

Part B:Common English Reading

Please read the following common English sentences as you are instructed.
1.Roger gets up at 7 a.m. every morning.

Part C: Repeat.

Please repeat each sentence that you hear.
Example: a voice says,“My next flight is on Saturday.”and you say, “My next flight is on Saturday.”

Part D: Short Answer Questions.

Now, please just give a simple answer to the question.
Example:a voice says:“Where in the airplane do the pilots control the aircraft?”
and you say:“the cockpit” or“in the cockpit.”

Part E: Readbacks. You will hear several spoken radiotelephony messages. Listen to each spoken message and provide a readback after each one.
Example:a voice says:“Cessna two niner, exit taxiway Hotel.”
and you say:“Exit taxiway Hotel, Cessna two niner.”

Part F: Corrections & Confirmations.

Look at and listen to the pilot message or air traffic controller instructions given on the test sheet. Then, listen to the response.If the response includes incorrect information, correct that information. If the response includes a question or request, respond appropriately.

Example 1

You see and hear:Global Air 295, contact Atlanta radar 122.15.
A voice says: “Atlanta radar one two one decimal five, Global Air two niner five.”
and you say:“Global Air two nine five, negative, contact radar one two two decimal one five.”

Example 2

You see and hear: “Coco ground this is Mid-Asia airways 324,there is a suitcase on taxiway G.”
A voice says:“Mid-Asia airways 324 this is Coco ground, what is it on taxi way G?”
and you say:“It appears that a suitcase is on taxiway G.”“Global Air 295, after departure climb straight ahead to altitude 2500 feet.”

Part G: Incident Retellings.

You will hear two brief scenarios. After each scenario, you will have 30 seconds to retell it in English the best you can. Try to retell as much of the scenario as you can in English, including the situation, people, actions and ending.

Part H: Open Questions.

You will hear two questions. You will have 30 seconds to answer each question. Each question will be spoken twice, followed by a beep. When you hear a beep, you will have 30 seconds to answer the question, At the end of the 30 seconds, another beep will signal the end of the time you have to answer.